How to Generate Leads on Linkedin.

How to Genrate Leads on Linkedin.

Generate leads on LinkedIn it’s not hard you can generate good quality leads only spend best 60 minutes daily. Currently, on LinkedIn 500 million people engaged they are CEO, director business head, sales head etc. This is a very big platform for professional.  Today we will learn how we can use LinkedIn for lead generation.

Lets Start….

Be genuine, use your real image and real name in profile. Make your profile professional like about your business, your job role, your designation.

Build Network (Connection):

Find targeted people from your service area and make a simple introduction note and send them a connection request. Linkedin will get notify you when your connection request will be accepted, Then send a thank you message show your gratitude, Next day send a small introduction about your business.

Join Groups:

Find some your niche related groups and join, group, is the best method to share your ideas and thought people participate in the group in a clever way don’t sell anything in the group just resolve the people issue.

Send Message:

Send a message to your network about your services and products.

Write a recommendation:

The recommendation is the best way to influence other so keep write recommendation to your clients and prospects. It will make strong relationship with people.

Send Mail:

Linkedin gives you options to export their connection email id export your all contact list and filter email id and send mail on all email id list.

Start Invest that sixty minutes a day, consistently, for thirty straight working days, and you will start generating more prospects and referrals from LinkedIn.

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